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On our week in Cornwall, almost every golfer we have encountered has warned us of the blind shots and the inevitability of losing balls.

St Mellion (Nicklaus)

St Mellion's championship course is a high-quality corporate track but we felt it lacked charm.

Little Aston

"It's a very good course but I'm not sure it is worth £105 a round," said one of my playing partners.

Notts Golf Club at Hollinwell

Hollinwell is a very fine course with some belting holes and brilliant views over the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Walton Health (New)

On a beautiful summer's day, Walton Heath preened like a peacock and the New Course bore gifts.

Burnham & Berrow

Never before has a search for a ball ended as abruptly as it did on the par 5, 4th hole at Burnham & Berrow.


Seacroft is a challenger for the best value among England's top 100 courses.

Hadley Wood

Usually, when I play badly, it tends to reflect on my opinion of the course - not so in the case of Hadley Wood.


"It's paradise out there," remarked one golfer to us just after completing his round at the home of Stableford.

Walton Heath Old

My second visit to Walton Heath's old course peeled back layers which I may not have appreciated first time around.


Blackwell is impressively maintained - its fairways are in super condition and its greens were pretty sharp.

Cavendish Golf Club

Even on a sunny summer's day, prepare for the wind to blow at Cavendish, part of the Duke of Devonshire's estate.

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