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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Our wedding anniversary was spent taking advantage of a COVID lockdown visitor rate at Blackwell - a target of ours because it is in England's Top 100 courses. The clubhouse (which apparently is part of the course for errant approach shots to the 18th) was closed and the huge number of bunkers were unraked because of England Golf guidance. Nevertheless, our day was not spoiled by either the Covid-linked restrictions or the fierce wind blowing across the Worcestershire countryside.

Blackwell is impressively maintained - its fairways are in super condition and its greens with their steep banks and swirls were pretty damn sharp. I managed to go a whole round without finding sand but Mrs W was not so lucky - with three cavernous traps to blame for her not tasting victory. We very much enjoyed our round but we did have slight misgivings about the holes being so tightly packed that some cross over and the total lack of sign-posting. If visitors are welcome, it would be wise to point them in the right direction.

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