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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

"It's paradise out there," remarked one golfer to us just after completing his round at the home of Stableford. He wasn't wrong. We were delighted we had not overlooked Wallasey in favour of its more famous Merseyside neighbours. This is dazzling links golf has harsh rough, deep bunkers but the opportunity to score well if you keep on the course and can get the better of greens with swirls which can bemuse even the most honed putter.

During the early holes, contending with a fierce sea breeze made it a hard test but even when it dropped and the conditions became more benign, accuracy was no less important. Many of the greens are on top of steep slopes which mean even slightly misplaced approaches will be punished. The best feature of Wallasey is that it is at one with nature. There are four tame foxes on the course and they even seem to pose for photos. Rabbits, squirrels, all manner of birdlife were also spotted during our round. My business partner and I were with clients in Lancashire in the morning - we were mighty pleased we stopped off at Wallasey in the afternoon. It's a shame we didn't experience the historic clubhouse because of the COVID crisis restrictions but the knockdown county card rate of £50 was as good value as we could possibly have imagined. Oh, and I even managed two points on the second - the hole which inspired Dr Stableford to come up with his scoring system.

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