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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

"Be prepared for the wind," smirked one wag at our club as I explained that we were off to Skeggy the following day to make our debuts at Seacroft.

This chap isn't renowned for understatement but this was Michael Fish proportions. The wind was so strong on our Sunday by the coast that as we putted out on one hole, all four of our golf trolleys were blown over. Twice Mrs W chased either hers or one belonging to our intrepid four down the fairway.

This was links golf at its most testing but, having survived a near-gale during the first nine we dipped our proverbial bread with it at our backs on the way home.

Seacroft is a challenger for the best value among England's top 100 courses.

We benefited from a £30 twilight rate, teeing off at 3pm when there were still seven hours of light remaining.

It has some very interesting holes, with the 8th, known as the Sandpit, requiring the most thought with a tee shot which draws over a public road before a blind chip over a huge bunker, or should I say dune.

Many of the holes are blind which would have been fine but problems with fairway maintenance during the hot spell meant that the direction of travel wasn't easy to read.

To be fair, we were warned n the professional's shop that the fairways were not at their best because of lack of course irrigation and it being open to the elements,

This was as significant an understatement as the weather prediction. Frankly, it was difficult to distinguish fairway and rough on many holes. Fortunately, our round was neither spoiled by this nor the weather.

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