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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

"Did you take any photos?", I asked of Mrs W who was going clickety-click crazy at Perranporth, St Enodoc and St Mellion during our week in Cornwall.

"No," she replied. "I didn't see anything which prompted me to take one."

Her view also reflected my feelings about Trevose. Having read reviews and listened to recommendations from friends and other golfers, I am surprised to report how underwhelmed I was by it.

Perhaps I was especially fed up because I couldn't master its greens - not because of surprising undulations or wicked pin positions but because they were so slow and, dare I say, a bit raggedy.

"It's the amount of traffic (players) at this time of year" was the explanation we received at the clubhouse.

But I have to add that I found Trevose a bit boring. There a four basic views on the course - out to sea, back to the clubhouse or the fairly uninspiring vistas from side to side.

Because the links are so open, these are repeated depending on which direction is played.

I have to be honest and say that I didn't find any of the holes especially memorable either - ok the par 5 13th is a nice hole, filtering down from high on the course, with out of bounds and a stream on the left and tight entrance to a small green and the 18th approach is pretty across the road towards the resort building.

But, my view, there is nothing to match the beauty of St Enodoc, the quirkiness of Perranporth or the trickiness of St Mellion.

Of course, it is worth playing because of its stature but it did not meet my expectations.

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