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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

"Do you like Marmite?" I was asked the question in the professional's shop before our debut round on the links at Perranporth which we were warned we would love or hate.

Indeed, on our week in Cornwall, almost every golfer we have encountered has warned us of the blind shots and the inevitability of losing several balls.

In the pro's shop, I was advised that I would amass no better than mid to late 20 Stableford points even if I was having a good day. Thus, I was rather chipper to have walked off the 18th with 35 and finish with the ball with which I started.

This was all the more surprising because the mist which rolled in during our second nine was so thick we could barely see the flag on the par 3 16th and had to take provisional balls off the 17th tee, even though it transpired we had hit straight down the middle.

From the opening shot on the 1st hole, down to a green framed by the backdrop of the seaside town which lends the links its name, Perranporth, is a delight.

Yes, there are many blind tee shots but straight play is rewarded and the slopes are not as dramatic as many seaside tracks we have played.

The hallmark of Perranporth is its scenery - particularly in the front nine when the beach comes into view on most of the holes.

I was a particular fan of the 2nd - a par five with two blind shots before a green on the cliff edge.

Then there are the many raised greens, including the dramatic ninth and startling 11th.

To be honest, I have played on truer greens. These were pretty slow and flatter than most courses we have played on our top 100 quest.

And this isn't a long course - I'm a moderate hitter and regularly found my way to greens in regulation.

But it is fun because it encapsulates the ups and downs of links golf. Do Ilke Marmite? Apparently, I do.

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